Welcome to Minnit.
Minnit Chat lets you make a chatroom and share it, either via link,
or embedded directly on your website. Completely free. No limits to the number of users that can connect.

Our chat is powered by HTML5, so the only program
you need is the browser you already use.

You can browse existing chats to meet new friends, or create your own.

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About Minnit

When we created Minnit, we wanted to create a chat that made talking with your visitors and friends easy. Other chat services like to hide key features behind paywalls, have unintuitive URLs, or force users using a smartphone to download an application. Minnit is a fast, easy, and powerful chat that runs entirely within the web browser. You can make new friends, or create your own group chat. You can even put it on your site quickly and easily.

Are you a DJ? Minnit Chat makes it easy for users to tune in. Input your stream link into your Edit Chat panel, and your listeners can tune in with the click of a button.

A tour of some of our features:

No account? No problem.

Our chat allows all users to join your chat, even those without a Minnit account. This means that users can access your free chatroom in seconds.

Linkable. Embeddable. Usable.

Minnit gives all chats a simple, 1-click URL for users to join your chat, even if they're on a smartphone or tablet. Minnit is optimized to work great on all devices. Want to save a click? Just embed the chat directly into your website, and users will connect automatically.

Your chat. Your rules.

Minnit has a pre-set list of configurations available. But, as chat owner, you can change them. Make the captcha even stricter, or non-existent. Allow everyone to send links, or nobody. Allow Moderators to ban a user permanently, or only up to an hour. The choice is yours.

Assemble your team.

As the owner of your chat, you can appoint additional Moderators and Administrators. They can ban or kick offending users, and Administrators can assign additional Moderators as well. This way, no matter what time of day, your chat is under control.

Whitelist. Blacklist. Your choice.

Minnit works best when everyone can enter your chat. But, if you choose, you can make it so only pre-approved Minnit users may view and enter your conversation. And, if someone is causing trouble, it's easy for you or a Moderator to ban them.

Always know the details. Even if you aren't online.

Minnit has an Action Log, which records all bans and rank changes done by your Moderators and Administrators. Minnit also allows users to send a transcript in to your chat for you to review, so you always know what's happening in your chat.

Spread out.

All chats can have Subrooms, which automatically split the chat up if you get a lot of users. This makes it easier for users to talk amongst themselves, without getting lost in a sea of messages. This helps your free chatroom be more pleasant, even when busy..

Smile. The way you want.

Our chat allows more than your standard chat smilies. With a Minnit account, you can change your smiley's skin tone, eyes, and even add headgear/accessories. So your standard becomes , , , or anything you could imagine.

Ready to get started?