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Whether you're hosting an event, looking to boost engagement, or just want a way to communicate, Minnit offers a lightweight chat that seamlessly blends in to your existing website. No coding experience required.

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Minnit has been offering our chatroom services for over 3 years. Our easy-to-use, HTML5-driven chatroom works great with WordPress, Wix, or any custom built website. We offer everything from free chatrooms for small communities, to large-scale premium chatrooms that cater to thousands of users. Scroll down to learn more about what makes Minnit so special, or get started now and add a chatroom to your site instantly.


Minnit Chat goes anywhere.

Embed your group chat anywhere you like. Minnit Chat's responsive design ensures it works great, whether it's big or small. Add a live chat to your livestream, below your blog posts, or make it float on your page. The choice is yours. Minnit is a great chat to go alongside your Vimeo or Zoom stream embedded on your site.


Dark mode, backgrounds, and more, tailored to your liking.

Minimalism not your thing? Minnit allows you to add your own personal touches by uploading your own background, changing the color scheme, and even allowing users the ability to use their own text colors for messages and nicknames. You can also add any SHOUTcast, ICEcast, iHeartRadio, or TuneIn Radio stream to your chat so you and your users can all listen to music together.


Minnit's functionality puts you in control.

No matter what your use-case is, Minnit's got you covered. You can set Moderators who can manually ban users from your chat, configure the chat so messages must be pre-screened and manually approved before they go live, and more. We give you the tools you need to succeed, whether you're catering to 20 users or 2,000 users.

Some of the features listed require a premium plan. See pricing information below for details.

Ban and kick users

Pre-approve messages

Automatically ban users who use profanity

Disallow external links and uploads

Password-protect your chat

Block VPNs & Proxies

Require users complete a CAPTCHA


Minnit's pricing tiers work for large companies and individuals alike.

Whether you need a chatroom for a few dozen users for long-term use, or you're planning a large event catered to thousands, Minnit's got you covered. See information on our various payment plans below, or contact support to speak with a sales representative.

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