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Why use Minnit?

Our service is easy to use and we're committed to providing a great experience for everyone.

Here are some of the details we focus on to ensure a great experience:

Supported on all major browsers 

Minnit is supported on all major browsers.

Real Time Updates 

Changes to chat settings happen in real time for everyone on your chat. This means that changing your background, theme, staff ban time, etc doesn't require anyone to refresh to see the changes.

Pre-Approve Messages 

To make moderating easier, your moderation team can view messages immediately, and pre-approve ones to become viewable to the public. That way, you can make sure that your chatroom stays on-topic, and filter out trolls and spam before they even have a chance to act. Subscription to Community or higher is required.

You can sign up right away and get your chat up and running in minutes. Use a free trial to test out the premium features before your big event, to make sure everything is configured to your liking:

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Main Features

Great Customization

You can upload a custom background, change your chat's theme, change how long your staff can ban for, enable a captcha to stop bots, add a radio IP and much more. All for free.


You can get a free chatroom bot which can help keep track of new users, respond to various commands, and more.

Upgrade your Bot to Premium and it can automatically moderate your chat, respond to triggers and much more!


Embed the chat on your website by just copying and pasting a few lines of code.

Unique Smilies

Customize their smilies with color options, different eyes, hats, and glasses.

New smilies and customization added frequently.

Pre-Approve Messages

Your moderation team is able to screen and approve messages before the general public can view them, allowing you to keep your chatroom on-topic, and keep out spammers or trolls.

(Subscription to Community plan or higher required)

Block VPNs/Proxies

Spammers and trolls may use VPNs/proxies to bypass bans. You can easily block anyone using a proxy/VPN from connecting to the chat by flipping a switch in the chat settings.

(Subscription to Community plan or higher required)

Reliable Support

Have an issue or a feature request? Open a ticket and we'll try to help.

We usually reply to all support tickets a few hours.


Choose a plan that suits your needs. You can upgrade/downgrade at any time.

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