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Why use Minnit?

Our service is easy to use and we're committed to providing a great experience for everyone.

Here are some of the details we focus on to ensure a great experience:

Supported on all major browsers 

Minnit was built using HTML5 and is supported on all major browsers.

Embed easily 

Embed your chat on your website or blog via an iframe with just a few lines of code.

No support for iframes? You can provide the link to your chat and users will be able to join, even if they aren't registered.

Own a Wordpress blog? Check out the Minnit Chat Wordpress Plugin!

Use Cloudflare? Check out the Minnit Chat Cloudflare App!

Real Time Updates 

Changes to chat settings happen in real time for users on your chat. This means that changing your background, theme, staff ban time, etc doesn't require anyone to refresh to see the changes.

Get more visitors on your website 

Your chat will show up in our chat listings (you can disable this if you wish) and new users might visit your chat and drive traffic to your website.


It's hard to have a discussion when there are many users in a chat talking at the same time.

Subrooms automatically split the chat into separate rooms when you get a lot of users.

Your staff will always be able to move between subrooms even if they are full, so your chat always stays moderated.

You can configure how many users there are per subroom, or turn this feature off completely.

Want to split your chat up into different categories?

You can create custom subrooms that always remain open and configure who can join and talk.

So try it out. After all, it's free. Sign up and create your chat now.

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Main Features

We've got plenty of features to keep your users coming back again and again.

Great Customization

You can upload a custom background, change your chat's theme, change how long your staff can ban for, enable a captcha to stop bots, add a radio IP and much more. All for free.


You can get a free chatroom bot which can help keep track of new users, respond to various commands, and more.

Upgrade your Bot to Premium and it can automatically moderate your chat, respond to triggers and much more!


Embed the chat on your website by just copying and pasting a few lines of code.

We host the chat for you, so it doesn't affect your server usage.

Unique Smilies

Registered users can customize their smilies with color options, different eyes, hats, and glasses.

New smilies and customization added frequently.

Reliable Support

Have an issue or a feature request? Open a ticket and we'll try to help.

We usually reply to all support tickets in a few hours.


Your security is our priority.

Minnit employs the best security practices, including the use of HTTPS to keep your data safe.

More Exposure

Trying to get more visitors on your website?

Your chat will show up on our listings and users who aren't from your website may join.

(this can be disabled)


Choose a plan that suits your needs. You can upgrade/downgrade at any time.

Click here to view the available plans.

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